About This Site

For more than 25 years, my team and I have worked with hundreds of sales organizations across three continents. Our mission has been to help these organizations build upon proven methods to achieve superior and sustainable results. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, growth oriented medium-size businesses and smaller start-ups. No matter what the size of the client, we have worked to identify the essential sales management practices that create the foundation for high performing sales cultures and drive exceptional outcomes.

This blog is dedicated to the exchange and exploration of Sales Management processes and techniques. It will cover four main topic areas, which we refer to as the “4 Pillars”. These are Recruitment and Selection, Activity Management, Coaching or Joint Field Work and the Involvement of Others. We believe that senior sales leaders, in large part demonstrate leadership when they provide the direction and structure that supports top performance. Our “4 Pillars” model provides a ready architecture that delivers and sustains growth. Over time, we have witnessed that a commitment to the mastery of these “4 Pillars” has delivered significant success for many of our clients.

On this site you will read about what we see as very practical approaches and insights from our team, clients, and friends. Videos, diagrams and tools support many of the entries. My team mate and former Professor Dr. Cecil Welch will add supporting research and Wayne Foster, Carlo Sicoli, Daniel Wolfe and Matthew Marotti will contribute articles and tools that you can use to develop the performance of your sales management team.

Join us as we explore the simple ideas that weave together to deliver repeatable and sustainable success and shape high performing sales cultures.

Share your experiences with us and challenge us to find answers to the questions that we have yet to hear!

A big welcome to the blog and let’s hit home runs together.


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