The Sales Management Review is made up of articles written by our team of contributors, representing thought leaders across various compelling topics and issues that are impacting businesses today. These contributors are:

Stephen Gregory

Steve Gregory from IsaiXStephen Gregory, IsaiX founder and President, began his company as a training and development firm in 1989 and has built up a clientele of many of the leading financial institutions in North America. Stephen graduated from Carleton University with a degree in political science and law. Stephen completed the graduate Directors Education Program at the University of Toronto and serves a Director in a publicly traded company. During his Masters course in Adult Education at McGill University, Stephen founded IsaiX drawing upon years of organizational development experience at Xerox. Stephen is noted for his expertise in sales management internationally, and was awarded Speaker of the Year by The Executive Committee (TEC), which is the national association of Chief Executives.

Cecil Welch, Ph.D.

Dr. Cecil Welch, IsaiX co-founder and past Professor of Adult Education at McGill University, has designed and delivered numerous training initiatives leadership and the advanced development of coaches. As a specialist in adult learning and leadership, Dr. Welch has developed deep, long-standing relationships with many international firms, and has for the past few years has travelled the United States conducting Leadership training at a Fortune 100 firm. Dr. Welch specializes on the development of competency models, training needs assessments, instructional design, and the facilitation of leadership programs.

Wayne Foster

Wayne Foster from IsaiXWayne began his career in public relations and corporate development working with notable celebrities, business leaders and entrepreneurs, and was appointed International Director of Public Relations for Global Online, to help promote its brand across offices in 120 countries. Wayne joined Frouin Group in 2003 as Chief Information Officer, working with a team of consultants on business communication strategies, where Wayne was qualified under the National Research Council’s IRAP program to undertake business and marketing plans for Canadian emerging businesses. In 2004, Wayne joined IsaiX as Senior Consultant, where he undertakes organizational assessments and strategies for companies and governments.

Daniel Wolfe

Daniel Wolfe from IsaiXDaniel has over 15 years’ experience as a technology specialist. In 2002, Daniel co-founded Zedmo, a location-based online social media engine that focuses on creating geo-social communities around news, events, and places. In 2004, Daniel joined IsaiX where he served as Director of Research and Development. Daniel oversaw the IsaiX cloud hosting infrastructure, as well as all technical product development. Daniel’s development mandate at IsaiX included the introduction of new products targeted at IsaiX’s core verticals, as well as the management and direction of ongoing upgrades to Coach Technology®, Chyma®, Burst Tools®, The Mindfield Game® iPad application and other enterprise technology solutions being used by large institutions. Daniel’s leadership allowed IsaiX to deliver IT solutions to TD Canada Trust, Microsoft, Bombardier, and Michelin. Daniel has worked on consulting projects designing social media strategies for Deloitte and for a regiment of the Department of National Defence. Daniel is currently CEO and Founder at Soaq, an enterprise content platform. Connect with Daniel at and visit for more information.